in remembrance
in remembrance
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Last modified November 6, 2021
The members of the Athens Combined Reunion Class of 1973 that have passed away. We miss them deeply, but feel blessed to have been touched by their lives. The spirits and memories of the following individuals live on in all of us.
Dwight Allen
Chip Amaker Jr
Randy Archer
Mary Bankston
Mike Brady
Paul Brewington
Cecile Bridges
Freddie Brown
Mike Burton
Dwight Bush
Peggy Bush
Chuck Carter
Eddie Casper
Ray Cheatham
Jeff Coleman
James "Buddy"
Mike Collins
Jeff Couch
Chip Crawford
Doug Davidson
Pat Devereaux
Please click here to add any names of class members that you may know about.
Sandra Evans
David Epps
Frank Favors
Charles Flournoy
Lutrecia Foster
Edwin Fuqua
Jeff Gearhart
Robert Grant
Sam Green
Mary Gresham
Margie Ann Hale
David Hancock
Don Harris
Ernest Howard
Kline Howard
Harriet Johnson
Deborah Jones
Nicky Jones
Earnest Life
Stan Lipham
Diane McCarty
Pat McClary
Lindy McCord
Pat Mcquire
Pat McGuffey
David McMillan
Danny Moore
Vanessa Moser
Bill Myers
Marsha Nabors
Milton Neathery
Donny Osborne
Mara Pipitone
Wayne Provost
Randy Randolph
Mayson Ransom
Dorothy Rice
Robbie Robinson
Johnny Schell
Lynn Seagraves
Diane Silva
Donald Sims
Mary Sims
Steve Smith
Donations are being accepted for the Cedar Shoals Memorial Garden.  Send checks to
Annette Johnson, Bookkeeper, Cedar Shoals High School, Cedar Shoals Drive, Athens, GA  30605.
Click here >>>> to view the Memorial Website
Terry Smith
Vicky Sorrells
Carol Stansell
June Strickland
Richard Stroud
Rhonda Tate
Ingrid Taylor
George Thomas
Mike Tillman
Teri Toney
Robert Totis
Terry Towers
Nancy Tweedell
David Van Cleef
Connie Voyles
Bobby Weber
Albert Williams
Mace Williams
Marshall Williams
Phil Williams
John Wise

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